September 7-9, 2016: DSD Design Workshop with Dr. Christian Coachman NYU

"Digital Occlusion"

New York, NY 


September 16, 2016: Full Mouth Rehabilitation 2017-2018 Year Begins NYU

"Introduction to FMR-NYU"

New York, NY


September 23, 2016: Intaly & NYU College of Dentistry

"Digital Dental Technology" Aesthetics and Implants

Torino, Italy


September 30, 2016: Henry Shein Chicago Fall Fest 2017

"Digital Solutions and Digital Workflow" Connect-Dental

Chicago, IL

October 19, 2016: NAO of Aesthetic Dentistry & CAD/CAM Tufts University CE Course

"Digital Occlusion and Implants"

Boston, MA


October 25, 2016: 2-Hour Program in Tampa

"Teality of Digital Dentistry"

Tampa, FL

October 26, 2016: American Academy of Implant Dentistry Annual Conference on Implantology

"Digital Restoration and Occlusion"

New Orleans, LA


October 28, 2016: Henry Schein Fall Fest New Jersey

"Digital Solutions and Digital Workflow: Connect-Dental"

Newark, NJ


November 3, 2016: Evening Program in Charleston

"Reality of Digital Dentistry"

Charleston, SC

November 4, 2016: IDS-Megagen Implant Co

"Digital Dentistry and Implants Work Flow"

Bonita Springs, FL


November 5, 2016: Evening Program in Costa Rica

"Reality of Digital Dentistry"

Las Muesas Marriot Ocean Club, Jaco, Costa Rica

November 16-17, 2016: China & NYU College of Dentistry

"The Digital Dental World: Aesthetics, Implants and Occlusion"

Shanghai, China


November 18, 2016: China & NYU College of Dentistry

"The Digital Dental World: Aesthetics, Implants and Occlusion"

Beijing, China

December 2, 2016: American Academy Oral Maxillofacial Surgeons Annual Dental Implant Conference

"Digital Workflow Hands-On Workshop"

Chicago, IL


January 26, 2017: Yankee Dental Conference / Henry Schein Digital Connect-Dental

"Digital Workflow and Technologies"

Boston, MS

February 8, 2017: Connecticut State Dental Association Continuing Education Package

"Computerized Dentistry and Worn Dentition"

Plantsville, CT


February 22, 2017: ACP - Dental Program

"Hands-On Workshop"

Chicago, IL

February 23, 2017: APS 152nd Chicago Dental Society Midwinter Meeting

"Digital Technology and the Ideal Workflow"

Chicago, IL


March 16, 2017: Academy of Osseointegration Corporate Forum Zimmer/Biomet

Orlando, FL


March 18, 2017: Academy of Osseointegration Annual Meeting - Laboratory Technical Program

"Digital Workflow and New Techniques"

Orlando, FL


April 7, 2017: Portugal & NYU Dental College

"The Digital Dental World: Aethetics, Implants and Occlusion"

Lisbon, Portugal


April 21, 2017: All Day Program in Dallas

"Reality of Digital Dentistry"

Dallas, TX


April 28, 2017: Half-Day Program in San Francisco

"Reality of Digital Dentistry"

San Francisco, CA


May 5, 2017: Biohorizons Global Symposium

"Reality of Digital Dentistry" Hands-On Digital Scanning

Miami, FL


June 2, 2017: UMDNJ Maxi Course

"Reality of Digital Dentistry"

Newark, NJ


June 13, 2017: Evening Course for Specialists of Westchester

"Reality of Digital Dentistry"

White Plains, NY


June 23, 2017: Half-Day Program in San Diego

"Reality of Digital Dentistry"

San Diego, CA


July 21, 2017: All-Day Program in Cyprus

"Reality of Digital Dentistry"

Elafonisos, Cyprus

July 23, 2017: All-Day Program at Merimna Clinic in Greece

"Reality of Digital Dentistry"

Athens, Greece

October 6, 2017: All-Day Program in Italy

"Reality of Digital Dentistry"

Bari, Italy