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Saving Cells for Life

Medical Breakthrough: Stem Cells in Teeth
Researchers at the National Institutes of Health recently discovered stem cells in baby teeth and impacted wisdom teeth. Ongoing medical research demonstrates that these stem cells can be manipulated to grow into organ tissue, bone, brain cells, nerve cells, and cartilage. Medical researchers around the world are working today to develop powerful new treatments from stem cells for a wide range of diseases and injuries. Stem cells from teeth are a non-controversial and convenient way for individuals and parents to ensure today that they and their children can benefit from tomorrow’s new medical treatments.

StemSave works with dentists to provide an easy-to-use service to enable the individual or parent to harvest and cryogenically preserve these very valuable stem cells non invasively for future use in regenerative and personalized medical treatments and therapies.

Their site is currently under construction, but please read about Stemsave and e-mail them to receive updates. StemSave will be launching soon in the United States. If you’d like to be notified when the service is available, please send them your contact information.

Stem Cells Sources, Therapies and the Dental Professional

For more information about StemSave, please visit their website at 

12/16/2008: FOX NEWS! 
StemSave was featured on Fox News. (View Video)

6/16/2008: FORBES!

Cover Story of the June 16 edition of Forbes
Special Report: Stem Cells Get Real
Finally, real businesses, real science and real hope. Everything you've heard until now is wrong.
By Robert Langreth Matthew Herper (Read Article)

While no mention is made of dental stem cells, there are real implications for them - especially as they pertain to Disease Entity Groups. 
The important take-away here is that the promise of Stem Cell based therapies is very real and as we have been saying, just around the corner.    There are no better stem cells than your own when these therapies will be administered.  


We were recently interviewed for a story on dental stem cells for Good Morning America.  The story was ran on Wednesday, May 28th.  
We were delighted to participate in this opportunity to address the banking of autologous stem cells from teeth on a national platform.
More updates to follow.



Our first media push for the announcement of GMS Dental Centers (All 6 of their group practice offices in Houston) adopting StemSave was aired on May 23 by the local TV station KHOU, CBS affiliate (2 million viewers).  For a consumer story – especially for t.v. news –we are pleased with the exposure for StemSave and GMS.   

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1/14/2008   Making  A Heart Of A Rat Wth Stem Cells!

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