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Part of our commitment to serving our patients involves providing information that helps them to make more informed decisions about their oral health needs. This website is a resource we hope you’ll find both useful and interesting.

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Hair by Louis Licari, Make-Up by Enid O', Photo by Michael Scott & Smiles by Dr. Dean.

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"I am so happy to have finally found the right doctors.  They gave me the most information, best advice and great service. And now, I can't stop smiling! I just wish I would have done this years ago."  -Mary

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Thank you so much again to you and your team for all the hospitality, communication and special/perfect treatment. You, the Drs and the assistants. You GALs and guys have the ultimate dream team. I’ve been in a lot of offices over the years, and I sincerely appreciate everything. I also take notice in average, excellent and WAY ABOVE AND BEYOND patient experience- even when I listened to you all interact with other patients. Obviously you are in that 3rd category and that is difficult to find, especially these days.

If there is anything I can do marketing wise, or any glowing reviews I can write anywhere that would be beneficial to the practice please let me know. I am more than happy to do that in a heartbeat.

See you soon.

Sara P. - Chicago, IL

Subject: AMAZING!!!! (I hope this isn't too long. I got carried away!)

There are people in this world, not very many of them, who are the best in their fields. Dr. Dean is one of them. He has a high level of skill; his knowledge is extensive; and he is empathic. He works quickly but is never rushed, he tames the worst problems with confident expertise and ingenuity, and he makes it all seem easy…and painless!

When I came to see dr. Dean I had a lot of dental issues developed over seven decades of mediocre dentistry. My teeth looked terrible, but I didn’t want to exchange this problem with the reverse, i.e. too perfect, fake looking teeth. With all of this baggage, I sat down in the chair for the first time and met the dentist…and I sensed that I had finally landed in the right place. I was right. He solved all the problems and made my teeth look really great and completely natural.

The excellence spreads throughout the office. The technology is advanced and reliable. The staff is great. Dr. Dean’s assistant, Rosa, is skillful, intuitive and helpful. Gabriela handles the finances, schedules and office organization. She makes everything run smoothly, seamlessly.

What can I say? It all works. And you end up happy!

Leslie Blumberg

Dear Dr. Vafiadis:

It is with great pleasure – and not a little awe – that I thank you for your superb work.

I thank you for the marvelous veneers you gave me in 2008 – new front teeth that literally changed my life and vastly improved my self image, (I’m now smiling happily and often – without sealed lips)

I thank you for the honor of having selected me recently as your NYU College of Dentistry demonstration patient – and I thank you for the remarkable work you have just done on my teeth as part of your teaching. (It was a genuine privilege to be – however a small part – of the education you are providing.)

To put it simply, your work (no, not work, your artistry) on my teeth has achieved a naturalness, an aesthetic perfection – and, as well, a complete sense of quality & comfort – all of which certainly exceed any reasonable expectations. You go beyond; and it is appreciated.

I’m lucky – to have found you. Again, thank you.

Stephen Auerbach New York NY

“When I first met Dr. Dean, his kind and confident manner put me right at ease. He was extremely enthusiastic, positive, and informative. Dr. Dean was the first doctor I saw that could immediately identify what I didn’t like about my smile. After seeing his previous work, I knew he was going to give me a beautiful smile. Throughout the entire process, Dr. Dean and his staff were a pleasure to be around. I never once left his office feeling insecure about my smile. Now that my teeth are completed, I am more confident than ever! Dr. Dean is truly an artist. Thank you!”

Alison, New York

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