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Our entire team at the New York Smile Institute is dedicated to exceeding your expectations whether you are a new patient or a long time returning patient.  We are pleased to have the opportunity to share the following actual true testimomials with you.



Dr. Dean Vafiadis


Thank you so much again to you and your team for all the hospitality, communication and special/perfect treatment. You, the Drs and the assistants. You GALs and guys have the ultimate dream team. I’ve been in a lot of offices over the years, and I sincerely appreciate everything. I also take notice in average, excellent and WAY ABOVE AND BEYOND patient experience- even when I listened to you all interact with other patients. Obviously you are in that 3rd category and that is difficult to find, especially these days.

If there is anything I can do marketing wise, or any glowing reviews I can write anywhere that would be beneficial to the practice please let me know. I am more than happy to do that in a heartbeat.

See you soon.

Sara P. - Chicago, IL

Subject: AMAZING!!!! (I hope this isn't too long. I got carried away!)

There are people in this world, not very many of them, who are the best in their fields. Dr. Dean is one of them. He has a high level of skill; his knowledge is extensive; and he is empathic. He works quickly but is never rushed, he tames the worst problems with confident expertise and ingenuity, and he makes it all seem easy…and painless!

When I came to see dr. Dean I had a lot of dental issues developed over seven decades of mediocre dentistry. My teeth looked terrible, but I didn’t want to exchange this problem with the reverse, i.e. too perfect, fake looking teeth. With all of this baggage, I sat down in the chair for the first time and met the dentist…and I sensed that I had finally landed in the right place. I was right. He solved all the problems and made my teeth look really great and completely natural.

The excellence spreads throughout the office. The technology is advanced and reliable. The staff is great. Dr. Dean’s assistant, Rosa, is skillful, intuitive and helpful. Gabriela handles the finances, schedules and office organization. She makes everything run smoothly, seamlessly.

What can I say? It all works. And you end up happy!

Leslie Blumberg

Dear Dr. Vafiadis:

It is with great pleasure – and not a little awe – that I thank you for your superb work.

I thank you for the marvelous veneers you gave me in 2008 – new front teeth that literally changed my life and vastly improved my self image, (I’m now smiling happily and often – without sealed lips)

I thank you for the honor of having selected me recently as your NYU College of Dentistry demonstration patient – and I thank you for the remarkable work you have just done on my teeth as part of your teaching. (It was a genuine privilege to be – however a small part – of the education you are providing.)

To put it simply, your work (no, not work, your artistry) on my teeth has achieved a naturalness, an aesthetic perfection – and, as well, a complete sense of quality & comfort – all of which certainly exceed any reasonable expectations. You go beyond; and it is appreciated.

I’m lucky – to have found you. Again, thank you.

Stephen Auerbach
New York NY

“When I first met Dr. Dean, his kind and confident manner put me right at ease. He was extremely enthusiastic, positive, and informative. Dr. Dean was the first doctor I saw that could immediately identify what I didn’t like about my smile. After seeing his previous work, I knew he was going to give me a beautiful smile. Throughout the entire process, Dr. Dean and his staff were a pleasure to be around. I never once left his office feeling insecure about my smile. Now that my teeth are completed, I am more confident than ever! Dr. Dean is truly an artist. Thank you!”

Alison, New York

When I walked in, Dr. Dean greeted me with a very friendly face and a big smile. I explained my past experiences and he insured me I was in the best hands. We went over what he thought, being very conservative but explained in detail what needed to be done. After about 10 minutes I realized he knew exactly what I wanted and needed. He told me it would change my life. The procedure was painless and after about two weeks with temp veneers, I had the permanent veneers. I see a tremendous difference and realize I look much younger. I am no longer afraid of smiling for photos.

New York, NY

Dr. Dean is one of those rare people you meet in your life who change your life for the better. Having tetracycline staining since age 9, I always hesitated going to any dentists. Dr dean not only makes you comfortable but is the most professional I've ever encountered. Since my metamorphosis I have had many good things happen to me both professionally and personally. I tell Dr dean "its the teeth!!!!" But it's my personality that has changed. I feel more confident and everybody knows it know.. Actually It is the TEETH!!
Thank You Dr Dean

Gary, New York, NY

Dr. Dean,
Thank you very much again for all your help. We truly appreciate the love and support you've shown the children over the past 15 years. Ever since I was hired some 12 years ago I witnessed you're dedication and efforts toward making a better life for all of the children here. It has been inspirational to me personally and for that I'm grateful.

For Christmas this year, I wish you and your wonderful family loads of happiness, good health and prosperity. I know I joke with you often but... you are truly "the man"!

Thank you again and Merry Christmas!

Saint Basil Academy

Dear Dr Dean,

This is a note I've been meaning to send for months. I wanted you to know that the work you did and the kindness you and your staff provided me are with me every day of my life. The precision and efficiency with which you work, and the kind and professional nature of everyone with whom I came in contact from beginning to end of the process at NYSI was absolutely exceptional. Entering into the process I was cautious-- even skeptical-- and couldn't be more assured that I made the right decision; not only in having the work done, but in working with you and your team in particular. Your passion for your craft is abundantly evident in your approach, and there's not a doubt in my mind that I wouldn't have had so flawless an experience anywhere else. It means so much to me that you took me on as a client, and, even more, treated me like family. I have, and will continue to, refer your practice to anyone interested. I'm surely merely one of hundreds of happy customers-- but want you to know that not a day passes without my thinking of the perfect work you did, and the good hearts that were from the start the strongest indicator that I was in the right place and doing the right thing.

My very best to you and many thanks,
Maddy, New York

Maddy, New York

Dear Dr. Vafiadis
I wanted to write a note to say how completely delighted I am with the work you did over almost two years, on the teeth in my upper left jaw.
As you know, I'd been to see nearly half a dozen dentists in connection about problems with several teeth in my upper left jaw before getting advice from my old friends, Stefan and Judith, to come to you. Previous dentists had, so far as I could tell, made the problem teeth progressively less stable, and I was somewhat at my wits end.
You gave me confidence that you could take care of my difficulty and repair things, and over the last two years you have done so with unmatched kindness and professional skill. The final result is nothing short of spectacular. The teeth feel better than ever before, with a firmness that I haven't had since I was a kid. And the appearance is nothing short of marvelous.
I have told many friends about you and your work. I don't really know how to do justice in words to how pleased and grateful I am.

David Rosenthal
Professor of Philosophy
Coordinator, Concentration in Cognitive Science

A few years ago, Dr Dean gave my wife a fantastic smile and it made such a difference to how she felt about herself that she wanted the same for me. But I was convinced I was a hopeless case. I had terrible teeth and had been given professional advice that the only way to fix them was for my jaw to be broken and reset. I certainly didn't fancy that.

But Dr Dean knew otherwise. He could see what other othodontists could not see and knew how to do what they could not or were to afraid to do. The result: I now have a perfect smile. And to my great surpise, it has made an enormous difference in how I think about myself and how others react to me.

The other amazing thing was how simple and quick the whole procedure was. One day in the chair and I emerged with temporaries, top and bottom. Ten days later there was another day in the chair and I emerged with a perfect smile and the job done. No pain and no complications.

All thanks to Dr Dean, whose professionalism, cutting edge methods and facilities, and total patient care, are unparalleled.

Peter Hill, Sydney, Australia

I lost one of my front teeth in a sporting accident when I was 18 years old, and because of it, have seen and worked with a lot of cosmetic dentists through the years.
In the world of cosmetic dentistry there are a lot of good people doing really good work. And then there are those who are a level above everyone else, those who through experience and talent have really mastered that art.
Dr. Dean Vafiadis, in my opinion, has reached that level. From the treatment one gets from his staff to the results he accomplishes, everything about NYSI is top notch.
Dr. Vafiadis is a perfectionist, a doctor with the eye and sensibility of a sculptor. He is not only interested in the shape of teeth but also in their form, color and texture, completely understanding the natural variations of real teeth and never leaving the tell-tale signs of bad dentistry, the awful too bright, too perfect smile.
He expertly judges a patient's face structure in order to come up with the best design solutions, sometimes insisting in many trials until he gets the correct fit and shape of your new teeth. His staffs are knowledgeable, friendly and fun, and are as involved in your case as he is.
I guess a good way to describe my experience at NYSI is that when I was done I just had a great looking smile and best of all, my teeth looked perfectly natural as if nothing had ever happened to me.
If anyone needs any kind of cosmetic dentistry you won't find a better doctor than Dr. Vafiadis at NYSI, I cannot recommend them enough.

Andre Mellone, New York

You possess many fine qualities, of this there's no doubt.
Loving and giving is what you are about.
You employ your God-given talent for others,
by giving back smiles to your sisters and brothers.
Helping others is what makes you vibrate and thrive
Having a compassion to serve, not a need to servive.
Please accept this token, special only to me,
given to so few over the past quarter centrury.
Because these concepts are manidested through you,
these written words, were meant for you too.

Thank you for caring.

Dr. Caliendo

Dr. Dean Vafiadis is the Picasso of cosmetic dentistry. He creates masterpieces in the form of smiles. Dr. Dean did, just that, for me and I can't smile enough times in the day just to admire his work and bolster my own ego. He is a creative artist intensely committed to excellence in his chosen profession. They award Oscars, Tonys and Emmys; too bad there is not a Golden Smile Award. Dr. Dean would be accepting it to the standing ovation of his patients and, I suspect, his peers. I am proud to wear a Dr. Dean Smile!!! I'd also like to take this opportunity to acknowledge him and his staff as warm, caring and wonderful people. It has been my pleasure to be your patient.

Carolyn Panico
Colonia, N.J.

“The Swan” and “Extreme Makeover” have nothing on you! From the moment I entered your office, I knew I was in good hands. Not only are your credentials impeccable, your “chairside” manner is calming and confident. You managed to immediately put me at ease. Since my fear of dentists borders on phobic, this is no small accomplishment. You, Stacey, Svetlana and the rest of your excellent staff were all so reassuring and kind that I ALMOST looked forward to every visit.
I would not hesitate to recommend you to friends, family, colleagues, strangers, etc. I look forward to seeing you in the future to complete my new, improved smile so you can add another snapshot to your album.

Jean Carter

Dr Dean,
I wanted to say thank you for my amazing new smile. When we met for a consultation back in January you read to me letters from other patients who thanked you for changing their lives. I half snickered to myself and had doubts but I figured it was worth a shot nonetheless since you are such an amazingly talented Dr. and person. I was all the more sold when I formed a great working relationship with Lisa and Stacey. Here I am 2 months later and not a day goes by where people do not say to me:
"What did you change?"
"You look great!"
"You look so happy!"
So, Ah yes vanity is fun yet fleeting and superficial. My REAL thanks goes to you for making me want to make great memories with my loved ones. I am re-compelled to make certain there are memorable photos taken. I no longer hesitate and cringe to negatively reflect on my old yellow colored smile. Your work has empowered me and changed my life's outlook profoundly. I am an active participant in my own life in some odd new way. My smile has added value to not only to my self image but to the lives of my loved ones. It changes my actions and choices for the better because I have one less thing to worry about. Today I sat there at a large table at Mothers day brunch. My parents and family looked at me, my wife and my lovely children. There was new glow. My Mom and Dad could not put their finger on it. I was more present and less self critical.
You have given me a gift for certain. I thank you for this and want to let you know I share it with my loved ones daily. In an odd way it is not about the teeth. It is not about gaining vanity; it is more about losing negativity and simply physically participating. So I simply pass it on and show thanks.

Tom Siano

I've always been terrified of dentists. So----for me to think of veneers has been a dream - finally realized.
I was always conscious of my teeth and developed a little smirky smile so my teeth weren't noticed. WHAT A CHANGE. Now I look for opportunities to smile at everyone everywhere. I've met some new people because I'm smiling and they think I'm flirting (doesn't hurt).
The staff was exceptional. I was never so at ease in a dental situation. It was painless and I would do it over again

C. Pascal
New York, NY

As a teacher, smiling and laughing with my students is an important and tremendous part of my job. It is who I am and it reflects what I want to teach my children.
Before Dr. Dean’s remarkable transformation, my smile was hidden by my hand across my mouth because my smile embarrassed me. Not only were my teeth yellow, crooked, and crowded but they were also thin and transparent. My bite was such a problem that it affected my speech.
When I visited the New York Smile Institute for a consultation, never did I imagine this evaluation to be so promising. Dr. Dean’s genuine concern for me as a person was remarkably refreshing. His honesty and expertise in his field astounded me. With computerized pictures, Dr. Dean began his magic. My computerized smile had to become a reality; seeing is truly believing. I was convinced! And so my transformation began.
My initial apprehension was alleviated by the constant reassurance of the New York Smile Institute staff. Equipped with headsets, videos, T.V. and music, my dream became a reality. I was promised a new smile for the beginning of the school year in September. He kept his promise by completely restructuring all my top teeth in a few weeks- a job that normally takes months! The results were astounding! Unbelievable! Remarkable! Having actually white teeth was spectacular; the shape, beautiful; the bite, perfect; my speech, corrected; my smile, dazzling! I love my new smile so much!!!! Visiting The New York Smile Institute with Dr. Dean will only bring joy into someone’s life. Looking 10 years younger, feeling healthier and smiling without embarrassment has brought me that joy. Joy I can now proudly share with my family, friends, and students.
Thank you Dr. Dean.

Marylin Termato
Pre-K Teacher - Our Lady of MT. Carmel

I am a big coward when it comes to dentists but after a lifetime of being ashamed of my smile I finally decided to do something about it. After researching my options I determined that porcelain veneers were the solution I was looking for. I made several phone calls and had two other consultations but, from the moment I walked into the Smile Institute I knew that I wanted them to work on my teeth. Everyone, from the courteous reception team to the incredibly gentle and efficient dental technicians, went out of their way to put me at ease. Within a few minutes of completing my X-rays Dr. Dean came in and discussed all of the options. I was a tricky case because my canine tooth had grown in near the center of my pallet and there was a big ugly gap where the tooth should have been. There was also crowding on the left side, discoloration, and some unsightly fillings. We mapped out a treatment plan and then I met with Stacey, the Operations Manager to discuss payment options. During that first consultation Dr Dean said something that I didn't take seriously at the time, and that was, that fixing my teeth would change my life. Remarkably, he was right. Since I was so self-conscious of my smile I had grown accustomed to covering my mouth whenever I laughed and I made intricate calculations so that I would always have my "better side" facing my companions. Now, I no longer think about such maneuvers. When I want to laugh, I laugh! I feel more attractive and more confident and, for the first time this holiday season, I didn't dread the moment when someone whipped out their camera and said, "Say Cheese!"

Brooklyn, New York

It's about not only being "as good as the best" rather, better than the best...in order to achieve this you have to create something no one else has...and too afraid to even try. Thank you, thank you for my new smile my friend.

John Thomas
White Plains, NY

For the past ten years I've had many teeth extracted and had a lower jaw partial bridge. I knew in a few more years they would all be gone.
My impossible dream was that I would have all replaced with teeth that were mine and could not be removed. You did not promise that my dream would be realized but you said you would see.
Now my dream has come true. I never had such comfortable teeth that can't be removed. I can chew the hardest food and the teeth feel like my own, only stronger.
Thank you Dr. Vafiadis. And may you have continued good health and strength so you can make more people happy for many years.

B. Goren
New York City

To the Best Dentist..........
I receive so many compliments on a daily basis about my teeth; it's as if they are dancing to the music. I have been smiling so much more now that I am pain free!

C. Truese
Union, New Jersey

The process of getting veneer's with Dr. Dean provided me with a great new smile. The nice thing is that it is so natural that people usually say "There's something different about you, but I can't put my finger on it". For those that don't know me, I usually get the "Nice smile" comment. Overall I feel it was a worthwhile thing to do that improved my appearance and, to a certain extent, self-confidence!

Will L.
Flemington, New Jersey

For years, my dentists told me that my teeth are wearing down quickly and may require me to use dentures in the future. The cause is unknown; nonetheless, the tooth loss required some action. My dentist in Cedar Grove gave me an estimate for full mouth reconstruction, but after a couple of visits, he felt my case was too complicated and beyond his experiential level. We understood this would be costly, and he directed me to the various teaching clinics at Rutgers, Columbia, and NYU where I work as the facility manager of the law school.
I found a contact at the NYU dental school and made an appointment for what I thought was an evaluation. You can imagine my surprise when an army of dentists descended on me commiserating, collaborating taking molds/impressions and starting to build temporary teeth to show me what my new smile would look like but more shockingly the picture Dr. Dean showed me of the possible consequences of not going forward, a mouth filled with gums virtually devoid of teeth. It is my habit to live in denial by not expecting the remotely possible to happen.
At first, I thought I was a sacrificial lamb but soon became accustomed to the Socratic dialogue of the various doctors offering opinions as to my treatment and wondering which technique Dr. Cherry would take. All anxiety disappeared when I saw my new temporary upper teeth beautifully carved and brilliantly white. My children thought I looked like George Washington with such white teeth, but of course these were only the temporaries.
All ended well with a fine staff of dentists all ready and willing to offer numerous suggestions. How could I ever go wrong with such an august group with so much guidance. I only wish my dental vocabulary was up to the totality of suggestions that was guiding my treatment.
My thanks to Dr. Cherry who worked so hard and always made me feel confident with her expertise in seeking out advice from the many skilled dentists who readily collaborated from the initial white selection of teeth - to permanent teeth not quite as white as George Washington’s – to custom fitting them to my mouth. And additionally my special thanks to Dr. Dean who demonstrated and performed the critical work that guided the team for my marvelous new teeth that now make me feel and look 10 years younger.

Andrew C. Lawn
Facility Manager NYU Law School


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