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The FMR-NYU course and faculty have changed my perception on dentistry and made me a better, more confident clinician. After 1 year of attending this course, I decided to return for a second year, since there is no other place to learn all these innovations. In addition, to be able to transcend the information from the clinic (on real patients), with the guidance of faculty, lab technicians directly to your own practice, is simply amazing.

This course gives a didactic part taught by world-renowned faculty and lecturers, and then you have a hands-on component. We treated cases from beginning to end that I would never thought were possible, not just to restore aesthetically but to give full function and make patients life so much better. I learned occlusion and finally understand the mechanism of it.

The wealth of information, knowledge and hands on hours on various cases from full mouth implant restorations to full mouth occlusion rehabilitation is unprecedented. Using the latest technologies and materials it adds to the unlimited knowledge of the handpicked faculty, by a great teacher, dentist and a mentor
Dr. Dean Vafiadis. This is what this course is all about !!!

I love the way we processed the restoring complicated cases, in a way that is broken down into levels and gives you a recipe to give me a successful and predictable outcome. This is not just a great course but you also become a part of an amazing FMR family and develop friendships with smart, genuine doctors that will always be happy to advise and help you. This is the course that shows you that you can never stop learning. For me ...
Friday's have a new meaning for past 2 years.

Dr. Ellen Katz

This is so over due. Thank you soon very much for opening your office, your time, your staff, your dentistry and your teaching to me! I so appreciate your talent and your heart. You are an inspired lover of all things dentistry! I admire and respect that. Thank you for being a teacher and mentor to me and so many others.

Please give my regards to Constantine and Gabriela. They were very helpful. I really appreciated my time with them too.

Love, Summer

N. Summer Lerch, DDS, FAGD, AAACD

Dear Dr. Dean,
On the behalf of the Officers, Board of Governors and members of the Program Committee, I wish to extend our appreciation to you for your presentation at our General Meeting Wednesday, March 12th at Doubletree Hotel, Tarrytown, NY.
We were indeed fortunate to have someone of your unique talents present to our members. As expected, we've had excellent feedback!
We look forward to working with you in the future.

Dr. Paul H. Klein, Program Committee Chair
9th District Dental Association

My dental career has put me on various paths to the point where my head was spinning. After hearing amazing stories about what I could learn from Dr. Dean Vafiadis through my attending, I decided to take a leap of faith. I enrolled in the Full-Mouth Rehabilitation course at NYU and it not only honed my dental skills, but it has also improved my life as well. Dr. Dean will take you under his wing and literally show you how to design high quality smiles through his artistry. His methods are thought-inspiring, efficient, and just plain beautiful. I recently spent a day in his gorgeous office learning how to use intraoral scanning and milling of crowns and veneers.Also watching him problem solve issues such as patient care with difficult patients, the logistics of ceramic manipulation, and practice management. Dr. Dean's touch is nothing short of magical. The only difference between Dr. Dean and Houdini is that Dr. Dean shows you how he does it. Thank you, Dr. Vafiadis, for changing my skills in the past, present, and future.

Dr. L.C. Rao, Yonkers, NY

Dear Dr Dean,
I want to once again thank you both for putting a great course in place and I tremendously enjoyed to come to know great many dentists in this course and of course you are in the top of the list. I definitely will stop by in future to say hello whenever possible. It was even double bonus since Dr Dean generously got me beautiful teeth so I can smile again:)

Mark H.
Queens NY

Dear Dr. Vafiadis,
Thank you for the informative and inspiring presentation this past Wednesday. The future is happening sooner than I expected. Funny how much of what we do is directly related to the old 1940’s concepts on full denture construction, i.e. teeth position related to anatomic landmarks. Much luck at NYU.

Tony DePietro

Dear Dr. Vafiadis,

Thank you for the informative and inspiring presentation this past Wednesday. The future is happening sooner than I expected.
Funny how much of what we do is directly related to the old 1940’s concepts on full denture construction, i.e. teeth position related to anatomic
landmarks. Much luck at NYU.

Tony DePietro

Dr. Dean,

I was at the AAMOS meeting this past weekend and thought that yourr lecture was the highlight of the meeting. One reason may have been that I only went to 3 lectures and the other two were by speakers that I understand.

Paul V. Caputo DDS
Naperville, IL

Just saw Dr. Dean at the AOOMS implant conference in Chicago, and enjoyed his presentation very much; he was one of the most informative and entertaining speakers there! MRC

Mark Crego DDS

We were so happy to have you here. Your presentation was GREAT and you are a fantastic speaker - I don’t think I’ve seen an audience participate that much throughout a program and that means a lot as I believe they leave with a tremendous educational experience.

Thank you for coming and we hope to have you back here soon!!

Karen, IIRD Media Specialist
Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Dear Dr. Dean,
Once again, thank you for another thoughtful and inspiring presentation. As always, your presence and charisma only enhance your intellectual side. For me to discover your passion for hard work, ethics, music, and an appreciation for those finer things in life which I believe only true gentleman can enjoy made my evening most enjoyable. Your respect for our profession only solidified my fondness for you.

Dr. Anthony M. Del Vecchio
Yorktown Heights, NY

Dear Dr. Dean,

I was sorry to have missed you after your presentation. I just wanted to congratulate you upon a splendid and informative lecture, superbly presented in an eloquent manner. It was certainly a wakeup call to those of us who still use a quill pen!

If your travels bring you to London I hope you will let me know beforehand.

Professor Harold Preiskel
Consultant Dental Surgeon
Specialust in Restorative Dentistry & Prosthodontics\
London, England

Dear Dr. Vafiadis,

Well, today was a total WOW!!!!!!! I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation in Mountain Lakes, and was so impressed with what you're doing, and all that's going on in this new age. Chatted with a number of the guys there today that are now kind of senior members of this high-tech era. When you start to entertain the notions that you really do have to do something to stay up on the cutting edge, (and just forget about the bleeding edge!), it's comforting, and exciting to know that some of the movers and shakers like you, are there to help educate, motivate and stimulate some of the older folks like me.

Your warmth and sincerity really shine through, and for me it was a real pleasure to be part of today's wake-up call.

Thanks again,

Dr. Mark
Englewood, NJ

My name is Elizabeth Adams, DDS. I have been practicing dentistry for over 25 years. In 2005, I opened my own family practice in Scarsdale, NY. In pursuit of success, I continually seek out new ways to build my skills in both dentistry and in business.
In 2008, I enrolled in the Full Mouth Reconstruction Program at NYU where I met the director of the program, Dr. Dean. Originally I had intended to take just one year. But after that first year, I gained such confidence in treating full mouth reconstructive cases, and it has had such a noticeable, positive impact in my office that I continued on. Let me just say that I couldn’t be happier with the program. I was looking for a way to incorporate full mouth reconstruction into my practice, which has a patient base mostly of working families. The program has provided exactly what I was looking for, a way to expand the boundaries of what I do every day with my patients.
Not only is the program that Dr. Dean directs wonderful, but Dr. Dean himself is an excellent teacher as well. He is very inspiring and clear. I found that the protocol that I learned with Dr. Dean is direct and successful. I especial appreciated the personal attention I received, which I know is a major contribution to the success of the program. In the end what is most important to me, and I say this with confidence, is that my practice has become much more successful thanks to Dr. Dean and his program.
I would consider any program of continuing education that involves Dr. Dean to be one of value. Not only would I recommend an institution of higher education to hire him if they had the chance, but I also recommend his programs to my colleagues. Furthermore, I plan to continue to seek out Dr. Dean’s instruction and guidance as a friend and a mentor.

Elizabeth Adams, DDS
Scarsdale, NY

Education Team,

I would like to thank you all for making this program a reality. We really appreciate all of your efforts. The program was a hit and very well received. We had a full house and both Dr L and Dr Dean were phenomenal. This program yet again showed our dental community how valuable we are to them, being that we can provide this high level of education.

Awesome job!!!

Thanks again,

Jason Geise and MNY Team
Dr. Lazzarra Event 3/23/2011

Dear Dr. Dean:
I want to thank you for an excellent presentation. Keep up the good work!

Warmest regards,

Dr. Paul Sommer, D.D.S.

Thank you for a very helpful lecture today. Kevin Schwartz and Gary Funari et al. always put on a great presentation and are a great surgery group. I truly appreciate your expertise and your willingness to share your experiences with all of us today!
The lecture material and the slides and videos were priceless and very good fillers for the total presentation! Your style of presenting material and how you really take time to answer our questions was very impressive.
You are so on track about how most dentists fail to assess their patients and "communicate" appropriately and very their delivery for the specific patient that they are addressing.
I am a general dentist and have been doing this for thirty years and I love it!! Delivering exceptional dentistry is the highlight of my week. Thank you again for what you do and for the extra effort to share your experiences with the rest of us "out there" who continue to strive to be the best we can! That's why we came to hear you today despite the beautiful weather outside. We do have priorities!! Thanks again.

Patrick Murray, D.D.S.
Rockville, MD

I am writing in reference to the DENTAL-Congress in Marbella.
I’d like to say, that it was a big pleasure for me to meet you this days. With you as a “speaker” it was highly successful for the general dentistry in Spain and especially for me.
If ever you are in Marbella or if you need something in Spain, please do give me a ring or call in.
Hope, circumstances will bring us together again.
(Good Luck in the Soccer World Cup :-)

Dr. Alex Ochoa

I am fortunate to be in your circle and you in mine as well. I hope I can be able to continue to contribute to the course, and, as I do so be able to nurture our friendship. You are the course. Your passion, enthusiasm and dedication are contagious and second to none. Your willingness to share your knowledge in the kind and clear way that you do is a gift from you to us all. What I love most is your unrelenting dedication to serving the patients with the highest level of care available. I really enjoy your way of teaching and how you work with doctors and patients. It's a great ride we're on and I am enjoying it immensely. Thank you again for the opportunity to be a part of the course and NYUCD.

Michael Cali, DDS
Brooklyn , NY

Watching over the shoulder of Dr. Dean while he is prepping an aesthetic case is a true treat. I've been in his courses before, and you always learn something new that you can put into practice immediately. He has opened my eyes to what we can do to help our patients attain their goals of that beautiful smile!
Crossing the George Washington Bridge: $6
Bagel and Coffee in NYC: $8
Parking in Midtown: $50
Seeing Dr. Dean in action: Priceless!

Dental Aesthetics Practice
Jonathan Mangot, D.M.D., F.A.G.D.
Waldwick, New Jersey

I wanted to thank you again for all of your efforts on our behalf. Your generosity with your knowledge and time is unequaled by anyone I have ever known. The drive to be the best at what you do is to be admired and imitated. I know that the wisdom you imparted to us will help many patients you will probably never meet. Please accept our sincerest heartfelt thanks.

Dr. Stephen Sokoloff, Oral Surgeon,
Eastern Long Island Dental Implant Study Club

As a colleague, I have appreciated your good work and your dead on devotion to enhance the field of modern aesthetic dentistry. Your enthusiasm in your work shows in your lectures, when you share your concepts and passion.

I do not even know where to begin to thank you for my new smile and restored bite. I never thought I would be able to look at a mirror and honestly say “I like my teeth”. The physical change is so incredible, but the mental change within me has truly affected my life.

Yours staff is extremely professional and personable, that it almost makes one feel as if they are the most important person that has ever been treated by you.

Always smiling

Dental Health Associates
Mark L. Mason, D.M.D.
Fishkill, NY

Thank you for your education today at the course. That was an incredible learning experience for all of the doctors observing you adjust and refine the provisionals on that patient. Seeing you work put into perspective your ability to educate. In addition, let me once again say thank you for allowing me to shadow you this past week. I really enjoyed spending time with you as a person as well as a highly trained dentist and people manager. I also should comment on your staff. As I’ve said before you really are a master at what you do in dentistry. Not only that you are continuing your quest to improve what you do as evidenced by making three sets of crowns for one patient to see what results you can get from different materials and then documenting them.
Pete Dawson once said that to be a master of any skill, you need to be able to do it, speak about it and write about it. You certainly have achieved that!
Thanks again!

Dr. Alan Smolen
Yardely, PA

I first met Dr. Dean Vafiadis in the October 2005 when I enrolled in Dr Larry Rosenthal’s Aesthetic Advantage course. Even though he was not one of the instructors assigned to me, he always came by to make sure everything was going as planned. In fact, I believe he went to just about every doctor to make sure everything was going well. I have never met a more passionate, energetic and optimistic dentist in my entire 18 years of dental practice. Through the past couple of years, I have adopted his zest for the profession and have become a much better doctor because of him. Since completing all 3 levels of the Aesthetic Advantage course, I was hired to teach at the course. In addition, I took a continuing education hands-on course at his office in which I performed a smile makeover by placing veneers on both a patients’ upper and lower teeth. This gave me the confidence to do any cosmetic procedure in my office. He was so impressed with what I did, that he offered me a position to teach with him. I was both honored and excited by this news. What he may have not realized, it was because of him that I have excelled at this level of dentistry. Besides the dental aspect, he is a gentleman and great person and I am happy to call him a good friend.


I met Dr. Vafiadis in October 2006 during my participation as a Level 1 student in the Aesthetic Advantage Continuum presented by the Rosenthal Institute. Dr. Vafiadis was one of Several Dentists that serve as instructors for this course. His lectures were outstanding and his teaching style is like no other. He explains everything he is doing, giving the purpose of each step and more importantly the thought process behind each step.

I have attended several courses in his office and have been invited to over the shoulder his cases at anytime. I have never met a more caring individual. Dr. Vafiadis goes out of his way to help anyone interested in learning. He is passionate about his profession and is willing to share his knowledge with others.

Spending time in his office observing or doing a case of my own has helped me master my aesthetic dentistry skills. I now have the confidence to treat more complex cases. I am so fortunate that he has been willing to act as a mentor to me. Through all of my experiences with him, he has not only become a trusted and respected colleague but a true friend.

Dr. Caitilin Martini, Tampa Florida

Once again the Aesthetic Advantage Continuum Course was a success!

I would like to thank you for your enthusiastic participation and ability to motivate your apprentices. I commend you for your dedication and hard work; I have heard nothing but praise from all who attended the program. The Doctors came away from each case with renewed enthusiasm for their work.

As a Speaker and a Clinical Instructor you have demonstrated high levels of Aesthetic Expertise and Leadership that made this course successful at each and every level. Your contribution to this program is never overlooked. I have no doubt that it would not have been the success that it was without your participation.

Dr. Larry Rosenthal & Jackie Pastore

I have known Dr. Vafiadis for over seven years, as a student, a post graduate student, an instructor, and a practicing dentist. I have watched Dr. Vafiadis as he matured into a fine practitioner and teacher. In fact I invited him to be a member of my admissions committee, because I feel that he is a good role model for potential applicants to New York University College of Dentistry (NYUCD). He has been a real asset to my admissions committee. Dr. Vafiadis is a very conscientious, ethical, competent dental practitioner, and I commend him highly as an exemplary professional who will make a good contribution to any program in which he is involved.

A. Milton Bell, B.A., D.D.S.
Director of Admissions
Professor of Prosthodontics

I was initially “introduced” to Dr. Vafiadis by my father, the Dean of Admissions at New York University. He spoke often of a newly admitted student who while performing admirably scholastically was an outstanding supporter of NYU and an enthusiastic spokesperson for dentistry. Dr Vafiadis served as a volunteer host for the admissions office throughout his undergraduate years and received great praise from my father regarding his reliability, work ethic and the infectious sense of excitement he brought to his responsibilities.

I have had the pleasure to know Dean for nearly twenty years. As one can see from his resume he is exceedingly accomplished.

The sincerity and intensity of his commitment to prosthodontics and dentistry is evidenced throughout his career. It is unwavering. His ability to successfully engage, encourage and mentor recognized by my father in those early days in the admissions office were the first expressions of his passion for teaching. That passion has led to an uninterrupted devotion to teaching at virtually every level of professional educational.

Dr. Vafiadis has been a prolific contributor to our profession during every phase of his career presenting clinics, lecturing, writing, teaching and perusing avenues of research. His excellent paper presented at the 2009 Spring Meeting of the Academy attests to his intellectual curiosity.

Dr. Vafiadis has a keen respect for the specialty and discipline of prosthodontics. He understands the need to disseminate knowledge and elevate the level of care provided by all those who practice the discipline of prosthodontics and implant dentistry. His presentations are extremely well organized, rich with academic reference and laced with wonderful personal pearls and perspective to facilitate a participant’s ability to transform the information received into clinical reality. His recent acceptance as Program Director Of the NYUCD Full Mouth Rehabilitation CE Course is yet another example of his tireless involvement.

Dr. Dean’s, as he is often referred to, most distinguished quality is his charity. Though perhaps easily missed amid the myriad of professional accomplishments his sense of humanity, devotion to family, friends, community, church and heritage are rare qualities. They are wonderful attributes of an individual who has achieved much but has not forgotten the dedication and contribution others have made to create the path that he has been privileged to travel.

Dr. Leonard Kobren

It has been the best learning experience so far for me.
I’ve had great time studying with Dr Dean and his brilliant staff. I was so fascinated with the cases and technology that I was viewing, and with so much ease the difficult cases were solved beautifully.

Dr. Dean has been like a brother and a mentor in this journey and I feel really lucky and privileged to have studied with best .I would recommend to all the budding dentists around the globe either to join his course or just come down to his clinic to observe and gain this great learning experience.

Thank you Dr Dean you are star.

Rakhee Kapoor

It was a pleasure meeting you on Wednesday. Your presentation was most impressive and produced a successful seminar both in content and style. I look forward to our future interactions.

Dr. Mehdi Saber

Dean Dr. Dean,
Thank you so much for sharing the wealth of your knowledge.
It was an exhilarating experience to learn from the Master. Please accept this little token of appreciation and gratitude. Looking forward to working with you in NY and Boston.

Dr. Ali Ejaz D.D.S Boston, MA

I spent the day in NY shadowing Dr. Dean in his office. The experience was truly invaluable. This was far better than any lecture I could have gone to. Seeing Dr. Dean work and being able to ask questions on the spot is a great way to learn. The office and staff were great and I would highly recommend this experience to anyone who is ready to take their practice to the next level. I have been in practice for 20 years and I always find it fascinating to learn new tips and techniques that will make me a better dentist and more efficient.

Dr. Julio Hernandez, Miami FL

I had the opportunity to spend a full day in Dr. Dean's NYC office. What an incredible experience that I would highly recommend to any dentist no matter what stage they are in their dental career. I was able to take away new techniques and pearls to incorporate into my own dental practice to improve patient experiences and grow as a practitioner. If you get the opportunity to shadow with Dr. Dean, it will be a day full of tips, education, and an overall fun hands-on learning-filled day.

Jarrod Cornehl DDS, San Francisco


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