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TMJ & Bite Therapy in NYC

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TMJ & Bite Therapy in NYC
Tmj bite therapy

If you deal with chronic jaw pain, you likely suffer from temporomandibular joint and muscle (TMJ) disorder. With TMJ, the joints that connect the skull to the lower jawbone become inflamed and/or irritated. Resting these joints is difficult since they are necessary for talking and chewing.

Nearly one in 12 Americans have TMJ, though nearly half fail to seek treatment. Enduring this pain is usually unnecessary since relief is achievable for many patients. At New York Smile Institute, our elite dentists offer TMJ treatments such as bite therapy to minimize your ongoing discomfort.

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TMJ Symptoms

Visit your dentist to discuss TMJ if you notice these symptoms:

  • Frequent pain around your jaw, ears, face and/or neck
  • Difficulty or pain when you chew
  • Popping or clicking noises when you move your jaw
  • Intense headaches

Causes of TMJ

TMJ is attributed to a variety of causes, including:

  • Grinding or clenching of the teeth, especially at night
  • Injury
  • Misaligned teeth or jawbone, particularly an overbite
  • Arthritis

If the dentist can determine the likely cause of your TMJ, it becomes much easier to correct the problem.

Bite Therapy

In many cases, bite therapy can help to relieve symptoms of TMJ. One of the most successful methods is an oral splint. Your dentist can custom create this oral appliance to fit your mouth. Wearing this non-invasive splint should help make your biting motion smoother and generate less pain. Similarly, your dentist may recommend a nighttime oral appliance that stops you from grinding your teeth at night. After wearing this device while sleeping, you should no longer wake up with a sore jaw.  

Tmj disorder

Other bite therapy techniques include repairing or replacing fillings, crowns, dental implants, etc. so that your bite is unimpeded by missing or uneven teeth. Your dentist may also recommend orthodontics to restore the proper alignment of your teeth.

Sometimes, exercises, massages and cold compresses may be sufficient to relieve your TMJ discomfort. At an appointment, your NYSI dentist can provide a list of tips and tricks to manage moderate cases of TMJ.

However, the most severe cases of TMJ could potentially warrant surgery. While surgery is only recommended to patients who have exhausted other options, a highly trained dentist can surgically correct a misaligned jaw with the aim of fixing the bite and reducing pain.  

How Much Does TMJ Treatment Cost?

The price for TMJ care depends on the exact course of treatment you and your dentist agree to. The good news is that insurance often covers some or all TMJ care. Health insurance is more likely to offer benefits for TMJ than standard dental insurance. If you would like to make payments toward your total cost of care, New York Smile Institute accepts financing plans through CareCredit, a leading medical lender.

Minimize or Eliminate Your Jaw Pain with Bite Therapy

Do not be one of the millions of Americans who needlessly decide to tolerate their chronic jaw pain. Instead, seek care from Manhattan’s most reputable dental practice. Our dentists can evaluate your bite and develop a treatment plan that will allow your jaw to function in a normal manner again. To schedule a consultation with one of our experts, please call (212) 319-6363 today.

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